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 Price list

At T&T Na-tu-rals we provide you with a wide range of natural hair services to suit your every need. We only use the best products to ensure that your hair is as healthy as it can be. Call or whatsapp us at 868-683-4247 to book your appointment today!




Cleanse and detangle (style not included):     $300


Trim (includes 'cleanse and detangle'             $400


Deep Condition Treatment (style not included) $450


Big chop and style                                                 $600


Hairstyling (without extensions)                          $600

*Includes Complimentary Deep Conditioning Treatment


Hairstyling (with extensions)                             $800

*Hair not included


Henna Hair Colour                                               $400


Henna Hair Colour and Style                             $700


Dry, itchy, flaky scalp treatments                      $600


Psoriasis Hair Treatments                                  $600

Starter locs                                                            $900


Loc maintenance and style                                $900


Loc repair (per loc)                                                $35


Henna Hair Colour and Palm Roll                $1000


Loc Extensions < 5 inches                               $1200


Loc Extensions : Shoulder top length           $2000


Loc Extensions : below shoulder length      $2800


Loc Extensions : mid back                              $4000


Dry, itchy, flaky scalp treatments                    $600

Trichology Treatments for hair loss                $600

*Cost does not include products for at home use during each month.


Laser Band (for at home use)                         $5000


Laser Hair Growth Treatment                            $25

(required 3 times weekly)         

*Paid per visit if Laser Band is not purchased




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