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Are you losing your hair?

Do you find your hair to be thinning?

Do you find that your hair is not growing?

Do you have itchy or flaky scalp?

Do you have dry, brittle hair?


If you answered YES to any of these questions you need to book a hair consultation immediately. Call or whatsapp 868-683-4247 TODAY!


If you are visiting us to have your hair styled, an independent hair consultation is not required prior to having a hair service done as we do provide that assessment and advice during your hair appointment. If you do however wish to visit for an independent hair consultation prior to booking an appointment or purchasing products, please take note of the following:


  •  A comprehensive hair and scalp assessment will be done to give you options on otaining your hair goals.

  • Appointments are required for hair consultations

  • A $400 fee is required for all hair consultations with our US Certified Trichologist

  • All consultations last for approximately 45 minutes

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